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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tow Truck Adventures

My friend Ryan is a tow truck driver. So sometimes I get to go on tows with him when I'm around or if he is just in the mood for company and wants me to come. I have currently been on two tire-changes and two actualy tows and one unlocking of a vehicle. It's actually a pretty good time! We get to visit while he drives there and then I get to do my homework while he changes the tire or hooks up or whatever. The first tow he took me on was like and hour and a half away ha ha It was fun :)


angie said...

so, is ryan really just a friend, because i would never have gone on tow truck runs unless i liked the guy!!! it looks like you're having tons of fun in cedar. and no we don't live in st. george. we've actually lived in omaha, nebraska, for 2 years! ha ha

camille swain said...

To tell you the truth that sounds kind of boring. Is it really that much fun?

Melanie Cowden said...

Oh the small town fun! Boring shmoring tell Camille, it's better than sitting in a dorm room, or, or, or, well I'm sure there are more fun things to do, but heck why not go on a few tow rides, you may learn a thing or two!

camille swain said...

I wasn't meaning anything bad by saying this sounds boring. So sorry Sue, if you like it that's great. I'm happy for you.