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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Tag

Another Tag from the darling Alisha...

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? THAT is tough! It depends... cuz my Dad and I used to drink egg nog like CRAZY and I just love it... but Hot Chocolate is amazing when you're cold.

2. Do you wrap presents or bag them? I bag. But, that's just cuz I'm lazy... However, I get my fair share of wrapping because my Mom LET'S me wrap some of the presents.

3. Colored lights or White? Colored. Definitely. Except white is really pretty sometimes.

4. Do you hang mistletoe? Of course! Well, I would if I had a house. Mom does!

5. When do you decorate? When my Mother wants to... but when I lived at home I decorated my room for Christmas at the beginning of November!

6. Favorite holiday dish? Uhh..... fondu... however you spell it. It's a Kevin Heaton Family tradition... soooo good!

7. When and how did you learn about Santa? Well, I've known for a long time that he travels around and delivers presents to the whole world. I'm not sure of the exact age.

8. How do you decorate your tree? I don't have a tree yet. However, I like it when people put big signs in their trees. Or weiner dogs (Alisha).

9. Snow...love it or dread it? Dread... except on Chistmas eve/ day. It's too cold in the basin so it turns to ice and it's scary to drive in.

10. Can you ice skate? Sure :)

11. Do you remember your favorite gift? Last year I got a puffy pink coat with fur and I've wanted one of those since I was little! It was amazing!

12. What is the most important part of the holidays? I love the whole spirit of Christmas! Family, giving, cheer, love, caroling and remembering the Savior.

13. Favorite holiday dessert? My Grandma Sullivan used to make YUMMY fudge. Also, my Aunt Tony (Grandma Sullivan's sister) makes these delicious chocolate treats!

14. Favorite memory? Well, last year we were all together for Christmas and we had our annual 23rd of Dec. K. Heaton Christmas Fondu party. This year I threw in a little twist and had the fam play a game. It's called Daffy Dinner. You do silly things like oink whenever someone takes a drink of water and everyone has a different assignment. Well, Silas -my brother-in-law- had to do karate moves every time Camille laughed and then when she stopped laughing he had to "give a little curtsy"! It was the FUNNIEST thing I've ever seen in my life because Cam laughs a lot! And with Si doing karate moves she would just keep laughing and once she finally stopped, he would curtsy!! How can u not laugh at that??!!

15. Do you have a special ornament? We have some that the Buxton's gave us. I think the most special ornaments I can think of are the Snowflakes that my Aunt Tony made for my Grandma Sullivan. They are all different and absolutely beautiful!

16. What do you do on Christmas Eve? We were all girls so we DIDN"T want to see our presents or stockings or anything so if we had to go to the bathroom we would cover our eyes to run past the stairs where the stockings were. We all slept in the same room... the orange shag carpet family room. We would all pull in mattresses and whoever got to sleep on the couch had to give up the cushons for someone on the floor. We watched the Santa Clause and we were ONLY allowed to watch that movie on Christmas Eve. When I was little all 4 of my sisters would have me look out the window and see Rudolph's nose blinking in the sky.We used to always go over to my Grandma Heaton's house for a Christmas Eve party with my Uncle Jon and his family. It was hillarious and fun! We did white elephants and ate dinner and played fun games! I miss those days. The BIG Heaton family parties have kind of faded out. After that we would go home and open a present (pajamas usually). Now on the 23rd we all get together (just the K. Heaton fam) and have a fondu party. It's sooooo much fun! And on Christmas Eve we open our gifts from each other instead of pjs.

17. If you could have anything for Christmas this year what would it be? Money to pay for the rest of my college education! Perfect grades. All my family to live in the SAME location (preferably Cedar City for right now) and one more thing but.... Um.... it's a secret!

18. What do you do for neighbors and friends for Christmas? Something small :) This year I'm giving my friends gloves and candy (but not u Jaz... so don't get your hopes up... jk. Yours is just different).

I tag...
Cam, Mel, Shana and everyone else that wants to be tagged! (You three have no choice)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Alisha's Made Up Tag :P

Here is my 8th Photo in my 8th file!!

This was a few Chrismtas's ago. We had all just gotten done making ginger bread houses. My gingerbread house lacked in creativity that year... as usual. My hair was long though!
I tag.....
Cam, Mel, Shana, Debrah, April, Noel, Tara and Jaimie :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

My AWESOME Christmas-filled Weekend!

This weekend I took a little trip up North. I stayed with Steph and Kenny and it was a great time! On Friday night Adam came over to hang out and we went to his house. He made me dinner (Stake and potatoes... yum!) and we watched X-Men III that I have been wanting to see for EVER! It was a fun night :) Then on Saturday Stephie and I went shopping... lots of fun, of course. She's so much fun to be with, I just love her. Then that night Adam took me to the Festival of Trees and to dinner. Then we went to The Forgotten Carols... it was amazing! I cried durring some of it, which was a little embarrassing, but it made me so excited for Christmas!! Then we attempted to go see the the lights at temple square but we were too late so we went back to his house and watched Fever Pitch (which Adam has been wanting me to see for EVER).
On Sunday we all went to church and then ate dinner and then Adam and I went back to Temple Square and walked through to look at the lights. I haven't been there since I was about 10 so it was really fun for me. We listened to the Nativity story where they light up the life size figures on the lawn. It was very cool! The lights are amazing! I wish the ward still had enough money to take the youth there... it is so neat.
This picture is inside the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We went in to get warm cuz we are both babies when it comes to the cold.

The cool part about this weekend is that I will be back NEXT weekend... so it wasn't too hard to leave. I just gotta get through my finals now and then it'll be Home Sweet Home!

Benton Paul Show at the Grind

My friend Scott and I procrastinated until the day before a paper was done to start it. We had to go to a live music performance and write a review on it. So... Thursday night we went to The Grind to listen to Benton Paul sing.
Cool story... Benton Paul invited someone up from the audience and he saw me raise my hand. I went up on stage and got to wear these sweet reindeer antlers and sing Silent Night with him. It was probably the scariest thing of my life!! I almost passed out, I'm pretty sure :P

The reward of embarrassing myself was that I got to get pictures with them and I got my antlers signed. Plus, I got Scott a signed poster :) It was fun!! This guy is the keyboard player/every other instrument that you can play with one hand/ harmonizer (is that a word?). He was awesome!<

Thanksgiving Weekend

Mel cut my hair (bangs) before I left for Thanksgiving break. I have to keep up with my 4 beautiful sisters and make sure I'm up on all the new styles. Still, they all looked cuter than I did :P It's ok though! All their gingerbread houses were cuter too, so I'm getting used to it hee hee!!

This is how my room looked when I got home for Thanksgiving! It made me want to cry, I was so happy!! I love home. It smelled so good too and all the decorations were out. It was wonderful!

I went over to Cam and Mike's house (as usual) to just hang out for a while. It was fun and I LOVE their family! The night I got home Tyler, Brett and Raef ran up and gave me a HUGE hug!! It was awesome!!! They are my little buddies... I didn't get to see Zade until the next day and he was just so darn cute that I had to take 5 million pictures.

Raefy said some FUNNY things the night I got there. One of them being (in tears) "Grandpa Kev pushed me over and my stomach hit my heart." What a goof!

Tayli had to get all bundled up to go outside and play on the kid 4-wheelers (which were AWESOME by the way!). She's so so so cute!!

Zade learned how to crawl while I have been at school... sad. But soooo cute! He's gonna be walking soon... he already tries to stand up! I love it!!

I MADE A PIE! It was a chocolate pie and it was the very first one gone :) It had chocolate chunks... so everyone loved it. If I can't make gingerbread houses, at least I can make chocolate pie.

We all prepared a little something for Thanksgiving. I was pretty proud of my Candied Yams, chocolate pie, green bean caserol and one other thing that I can't remember. It was fun to all be in the kitchen together having a good time :)

These are some great photos.... they were all supposed to act like they didn't know I was taking the picture.... they failed miserably hee hee hee!!! What a fun Thanksgiving!!

At one point in the day, my job was babysitting :) It was great! Bonding time with the little ones is always great! Especially since I'm the COOL Aunt that's NOT married!! :D

How stinkin' awesome are these sweet ATVs?!?! The kids LOVED them!! Uncle Kenny and Marc brought them. They were lots of fun. I'll admit that I took a few turns on the sweet things... it was awesome!

Overall, Thanksgiving was a BLAST!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Finals Week is COMING!!.... AHHHH

I have taken 3 tests in the last week and a half and none of them were finals. Finals are next week! College is nuts! I have written 4 papers in the last week. Part of this is procrastination of course :) I'm so scared for my exams next week! I'll just have to study like CRAZY! But here is some good news... I just got a 98% on my nutrition exam! Hooray! I'm commiting on my blog to STUDY, STUDY, STUDY for my finals!

p.s. are you proud of my test score Alisha? hee hee