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Friday, April 17, 2009

Kaycie's Baby Girl

My good friend from high school had a baby today.
Name: Micaela RandiAnn
Weight: 7 lbs 2 oz
Height: 19 inches

She's one of the cutest little newborns I've ever seen. She wasn't bruised or dry or anything. Just a darling baby girl.

Kaycie with her new baby girl :)

Micaela, holding her Mommy's hand.

Micaela... so precious.

Tiny baby hand. So darling.

It's so amazing to me how she is so tiny and cute. Look at her little feet!

Her new adopted "spoiler" :)


Micaela with her Mommy! What a special little girl to have come into the world. Babies are truly a blessing. Micaela is such a miracle. So cute!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I'm substitute teaching for a secretary and there's not a whole lot to do, so I was looking through my pictures folder in my email and found these. They are such GOOOOOOD memories for me! I LOVED my senior year!

Just before a football game... heck yes!! I got Sr. Girl with most school spirit at the end of the year... because of these foolish outfits :)

A few seniors painted the Paw in front of the school and added '08 to the middle of it. We also put our handprints in it with our nick names underneath. Good memory.

Ah, this is great, isn't it? ha ha It was Spirit Week- NERD DAY. This is my friend Mike and I. Can u believe we both walked around ALL DAY like this. OH boy.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blast from the PAST!! Check these pics out!

I was asked to make a video for a Relief Society Birthday party for my ward. All the sisters in the ward gave me pictures to put into it. These are some my Mom and Aunt Joan gave me! So awesome!!...

I really LOVE the hair in this one!... and HEY... Dad actually has some :)

YES!! The hair in this one is choice too. Look how cute Pam looks with her cute bow and side-ponytail!

I really do LOVE this picture because when Aunt Joan sent it to me, it was my first time ever seeing it. All the kids look so cute!! Granpa and Grandma are so young... and Grandma looks so pretty!

I just think my Mom is so cute!! I love this photo.

Look at Cam's cute little squinty eyes. What a cutie-pie. And Mom's beautiful hair!! And of course Dad... handsome as ever :)

I'm not sure where I got this pic from. I just found it in my email folder the other day, so I decided it fits this post. It's not quite as much of a blast from the past... but it's still cool ha ha I love it Cam! Your poofy sleeves rock my world!! p.s. you look beautiful

Remembering the peek of my life... hee hee!

My Mom and I always laugh because I tell her that my sophomore yr was the peak of my life. It was the year I was the lead in Beauty and the Beast and the last yr that Union's VB team has made it to state in a while. So.... she sent me these pics the other day :) It was cute of her!

This is my sophomore school picture.

Tale As Old As Time.....

Song As Old As Rhyme....

Beauty and The Beast

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fun trip to Provo!!

Over Spring Break I went to Provo/ Orem with my friend, Ashley and her little sister-in-law, Kylee. It was soooo fun! We went shopping all day on Thursday. That night we stayed at La Quinta. The pool was closed until the morning but we had fun in the hotel room. We woke up, at the continental breakfast (yummm) and then went swimming! It was a BLAST!!!

This is in front of the mall. I just thought I'd show my love of nature... tree hugger/ kisser.

Ashley by the horse. I'm not sure why we took pics by the horse.

The horse was BIG!

I almost stood up by it but I was scared I'd get in trouble... ha ha ha!!

Kylee and the horse.

Kylee decided to do a cartwheel in the middle of the hall of the mall. So I got the camera out and caught it just at the right moment :)


Super cool hats and scarfs from Claire's that we tried on. The back of mine had a SWEET bow that you can't see :(

We tried sunglasses on in just about every store we went to... it was sweet.

I did Kylee and Ashley's hair Friday morning before we went shopping again. They both have SOOOOOO much hair! It was insane!!

This is the awesome pool in the hotel :) We were the only ones in there. Probably because when we first got there the acidity in the pool was too high. Possibly people were worried that their suits would be eaten off ha ha ha

Swain Party!!

I was at college when Tyler and Raefy had their birthdays, so I didn't have any money. But now that I'm home, I got Brett a gift that was for all three of them. They had a sleepover at my house. It was fun! Brett got to choose the movie, game, treat and flavor of icecream :)

We had whoppers, oreo ice cream, giant cheetos and Sprite!

This is Raef's egg, jam sandwich. Yummmm!!!! :)