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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

To the Dearest Silas,

Just for you Si... how selfish of me to only put pictures of Heston.... I just feel terrible inside that you feel you've been replaced.

Boating Fun!!

Jamie and Aaron and their boys went boating with Cam and Mike and their boys. They were nice enough to invite me and it was cool to get to hang out with them. I haven't seen them since I was 12. Dallon took quite the tumble while he was tubing with Ty.
Cam and Jamie got to go tubing together. It was pretty dang fun to watch! They are a lot alike!!

I don't know if you can hear it... but at the end of this one you can hear my little celebration that I got Aaron's crash on camera! ha ha

Swimming with Raefy

I took Raefy swimming. We practiced all of his strokes... back stroke, front crawl, breast stroke... but my personal favorite was watching him do the butterfly :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Animal Chase

This is what they do for entertainment up in "God's Country"

On Monday night we went to Altamont days to watch Heston's nephew in the animal chase. He didn't get anything so his mom (Hest's sister), Whitney, told Heston, Scott (right) and Russ (very left) that she would pay their way in to the adult animal chase if one of them would catch her a goat for Cash (Heston's nephew). Well she got triple what she asked for. It was hillarious to watch!!!! I wish I could have had it on video!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Gals... The Guys (Wow... doesn't Mike look thin!!).... and the guys again with "Kenny the Femmy"... "Mike the Marvelous"... "Silas the Incredible Shrinking Man"... and "Marc" (Sorry Marc, I got nothin') ha ha ha

The Whole Fam Damly!!!

You just can't have a family get together without PICTURES!! And now that we have blogs we're going to be even MORE obsessed :)

Family Reunion... Boating Rocks my WORLD!!

Tubing Fun

Tubing with everyone was so much fun!! I must admit that the fun jumped up a notch when Heston showed up :) He made me laugh so hard on the tube and he was a good sport!


I got to teach Raef and Brett swimming lessons!! They are both good swimmers. Brett passed level two and Raefy GETS to do it again next year. It was fun to be their teacher.

Making the World a Safer place!!!!

Look at this action shot.... clearly I have been trained well!

It's a job full of pressure!! The stress is almost too much to handle sometimes!! (Okay so I posted this a few days ago and I will have you all know that I cleaned up a little boy today that had split his head open and blood was running down his whole body... literally down to his shorts he was covered in blood... it was pretty gross!)

Fun In The Sun***

Dace is losing his pants ha ha ha ha


BaCk YArd FuN at ThE fAMiLy ReUNiOn!!


I was down in Hurricane a few weeks ago. We had quite the car break down and so by the time we got there I was sooooo hot I told Mel to get Navey ready so we could run through the sprinklers. As you can see, I had a really lovely get up going on. The shorts are special aren't they!?! I don't know if you can hear it but in one of the videos Navey tells me I'm too heavy to pick up ha ha ha


The whole gang!!

Mel came all the way from Hurricane for my graduation. Cam and Mike got to come too. Steph and Trees had sick babies so that was kind of a bummer. It was fun to have two of my sisters there though!!
Mom and I... practicing our modeling poses.

I personally LOVE this picture of Dad!


This was a performing group that I was in during the Spring. It was tons of fun!! We practiced at least three times a week for three months. It got a little crazy for a while but in the end it paid off cuz it was SOOOOOO much fun!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Break Down- The Little Focus that COULDN'T!!!!!

My bud, Kyle, and I took a trip down to Cedar a little while ago. We had some car trouble... the good ol' Focus just couldn't quite make it up this hill... or any other after this hill. No matter how much we said, "I think I can" it just wasn't gonna happen. It was officially named "The Little Focus that COULDN'T" A trip that should have been 5 hours ended up being over 9 HOURS!!!! It was quite the adventure!! Plus is was HOT because the car was overheating... so we had to blast the heaters... in the videos below you can get a short glimpse of what the trip was like.

Notice the dripping sweat on both Kyle and I.... wow... that was fun :DYou notice that I'm wearing a different shirt than the first video. That is because I sweat so bad I had to change shirts... that's how hot it was!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Great Grandpa

How sweet is this!?!?! Camille will be upset that I haven't sent this to her yet when she sees this... I'll get on that. Zade's pretty lucky to have a picture with his Great Grandpa!!

I LUV SUMMER!What other season can U stand in the middle of a sprinkler just cuz U feel like it?


Marisa Fierra Kylee Whitney Makale Jordan

This is my singing group!! I love teaching them! They are all such cute girls.... I loved watching all of them become friends. They are great and I will miss them A LOT when I go to school!!