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Friday, January 23, 2009

Pres. Ambassadors Senior Overnight

As an ambassador as SUU, I got to host an overnight. Two girls from a high school in Salt Lake (Alta and another one) came to stay with me in my dorm to see what SUU is all about. They were already friends so it was a lot of fun...

Mo(Morgan) and I, at the bowling alley just messing around.

This was the final score board after bowling. My score was the top score... 102 :) and Jon got 78. Now he owes me chocolate chip cookies cuz I won!! Woot Woot!

Jon was a little upset that he lost...

But, we're still friends :)

Kyle, ready to lick my face off and Sam :)

My happy dance after getting a strike!!

Out of order, but this is right before I got a strike.

These girls were so fun to be around!

Kyle... licking my face... again lol

Lexie and me... just having a great ol' time!

Farmer Jon and Suey.... we sort of had a farm theme going on.

Sam (another ambassador), Mo, Lexie and Me... watching The Office before we went bowling.

Circle "get-to-know-you" games!!

My new friend, Stephen Blake. We had met about 5 minutes before we took this picture :D lol

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Raef's SUPERHERO party!

Raefy had his 6th Birthday party :) It was a Superhero party... but the girls were allowed to dress up as princesses (or in my case, freaky fairies). It was really cute! Camille did a really good job!!

Raef got some fun presents from his cousins and friends.

Princess Jayce didn't think that my crown was too cool... but it DID help him stop crying for a minute.

Captain Underpants!! To the RESCUE!

Dash (Incredible) is here to save the day!!

The kids played Don't Eat the Superhero (Don't Eat Pete) and Tayli ate every candy before she finally got to Pete :) All the kids were good sports... it was cute!

My beautiful Mother being her usual lovely self. What a good grandma :P

Steph and Super-Zade!!

Tayli was Belle for the party. Doesn't she look cute?? She was feeling very special in her pretty princess dress.

Mom, taking pictures and the kids playing games.

Tayli.... little miss priss!

Aunt Trees and Super-Zade! Look at that cape!!

The birthday boy himself.... or I should say.... BATMAN!!

So, for some reason, I was the only adult that dressed up at the party. I think it's because I'm in denial that I'm actually an adult now. So... I'm not exactly sure WHAT I was dressed up as... some kind of scary fairy. There we go... Scary Fairy!

More fun games and treasure hunts for the heros!

Happy Birthday Raefy! I'm so glad I got to come to your party kiddo!!

Curses with the SUU Ambassadors

We got into groups at our Presidential Ambassador meeting. Our group played Curses (a game that helps you make a fool of yourself without even trying). It was really fun!!

Final Product of the New Dorm Decorations

This is how my room actually looks now. I like it :) Finally, 3 weeks into 2nd semester, I actually like the way my room looks.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Decorations for the Dorm

Mom made me this sign for my room :) I really like it!! I bought some sticky hook things at walmart to hang the other decorations. It's fun to have real decorations up... even if they don't look all that great, at least they're up! :D

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wii Videos!

Over the break we all played Wii at Cam and Mike's house. It was hilarious and so fun!! Thanks for sharing Swains!!

More fun in Hurricane... of course!!

I got to go to Hurricane again! Hooray!! Did I mention that I live there on the weekends?

Aunt and Neice love.... hee hee!!!

So silly!

Aunt Steph pushing Navey in the baby stroller ha ha and Jayce on her lap!

So stylish! What do you think?

I personally like Navey's animal print glasses!

Navey took this pic of me with my new camera... I had to crouch down to make sure I was actually in the shot :)

Nave and I played Candyland about 5 times in a row.... she beat me... EVERY TIME! She kept wanting me to win... it never worked out.

Nave and I got bored so we took some silly pictures for fun! Aunt Sue and Navey!