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Friday, October 31, 2008

Navey's Suprise Happy Birthday for Mel :)

Navey wanted to play outside but I wasn't feeling well so I suggested that we surprise Mel by painting pictures for her :) Navey LOVED it! She could hardly handle waiting for Mel to get home!! She painted all of it after I wrote it for her! She's so good at painting, I was impressed!

Navey's Wavey Hair

Navey wanted her hair in a ponytail with three braids one day. So Mel did just what she wanted. At first Mel wasn't too sure about it, but look what a cute hairdo it made the next day!! I love doing Navey's hair because she has such pretty hair!! She always likes it when I get done which makes it extra fun :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Your real name:

Gansta name (first three or four letters of your first name, plus izzle, favorite type of icecream, favorite type of shoe):
Suelizzle Vanilla Sneakers

Native American name (favorite color, favorite animal):
Pink Saint Bernard

NASCAR name (first names of grandfathers):
Harold Gordon

Stripper name (favorite perfume/scent, favorite candy):
Escada Twix

Soap opera name (middle name, street you live on):
(I don't have a middle name so I'm borrowing Noel's)
Marie University Boulevard

Star Wars name (first three letters of last name, first two letters of first name):

TV weather/anchor name (first grade teacher's last name, major city that starts with same letter):
Ebright Evanston (we couldn't think of a major city that started with E)

Spy name (favorite season, favorite flower):
Summer Rose

Cartoon name (favorite fruit, article of clothing you are wearing now):
Raspberry Shorts

Hippie name (what you ate for breakfast, favorite tree):
Rice Willow

Super hero name (second favorite color, favorite drink):
Orange Milk (wow that's lame ha ha ha)

Goth name (black, name of one of your pets):
Black Bob

Movie star name (first pet's name, first street name):
Buffy 700

Iraqi name (second letter of first name, third letter of mom's maiden name, third letter of dad's name, first letter of a siblings name, last letter of mom's name):

Rockstar name (first pet, current car):
Dog Tracker

Now, I'm going to tag Noel, Reid, Cam and Mel

Swimming, playing and nail painting!!

This weekend was full of fun stuff! Mel, Navey, Kenna and I went swimming at the Washington City Rec Center! It was tons of fun!! Navey and I went down the slide about 15 times... the lifeguard at the top laughed every time we got back up there. When Navey and I would leave Kenna would start yelling, "Nayeeee! Nayeee!!" ... saying Navey... it was so cute! There is a big play place with little kid waterslides and a HUGE lazy river that goes into the outdoors, it's cool. The night was really fun!!

I did Navey's hair while I stayed there. It looked to pretty! She was such a good girl while I was doing it too!!

She has such nice hair!! I think Mel needs a three-barrel!

This is the back of Navey's beautiful hair (if i do say so myself)!

Let's go Utes (or Red Sox)!!!

Kenna didn't get to join us in the Halloween party because it was her bedtime... but this is going to be her costume. Sorry to all you BYU fans!

Sleepy girl... night night cutie!

Lookin' good baby girl! I love wet babies!!!

Mel painted all our toenails :) Navey loved it! She even got her nails painted... purple on one hand and pink on the other. I got to have cute flower stickers on my toes. It was fun!

Hurricane Halloween Party!!!

I had a GREAT weekend! This part of it was SO SO SO fun!! I don't have pictures of some of it, like playing charades with the kids and having a donut eating contest (THAT I TOTALLY DOMINATED MY BROTHERS-IN-LAW)!!! Plus, Mel kissed Mike during one of the games! ha ha ha And lots of laughing and fun! Oh, also... I don't have pictures of the beautiful sugar cookies I made... skill, pure skill (haha Mel, Cam and Mike... that was for you.) Here are some of the pictures... sorry they're blurry, I only had my camera phone.

This is the traditional Witches Brew! It's DELICIOUS and it looks AWESOME!! The kids love it... myself included!

Mom made this delicious Pumpkin (or Jack-o-lantern) stew... it was so good! I even got left-overs because I live at Mel and Si's house... practically.

YUM, YUM, YUM!!!!!!!!!!

The food was AWESOME!! Wormy jello, poop dip and scoops (sounds sick), Caramel Apples (Ty and I raced opening the carmels and then put the caramel on together)... it was DELICIOUS!!!!

Ty and I had fun together this weekend... darn, I miss that kid! Check out how creepy we look!

All the cousins got along so well this weekend! It was so fun to be around them all weekend! They are all so awesome!

I tried to get Zade to look at the camera but my earings were to distracting :) I couldn't believe how BIG he is! He's gotten so much older!!

The Halloween Party Hosts

It was self defense... right Cam!?! ha ha ha

The poor beaten wife :(

This is my make-do Rock Star outfit.... ROCK ON!!!!

Such a cute puppy! Zade looked so darling!!

Princess Navey at her best! B-E-A-Utiful!!

Don't mess with this guy... He's not just Raef... He's a Superhero!! BATMAN!!!

Ty's scaaaaary Frankenstine face! Lookin' good!!

Brett looked so AWESOME in his ninja costume!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

First Ballroom Performance!

Tonight we performed at a Food Fair... whatever that is. Anyway, it was tons of fun! We did a West Coast Swing number :)

This was our first time doing the FULL MAKEUP!! Brought back all the good ol' memories of dance competitions!

One of my partners, Kip, told me that I look like and Egyptian Goddess ha ha ha ha
The lipstick is the best part I think.... BRIGHT RED (I don't know if you can tell in the pics).

First Ballroom Performance!

This is one of many blisters I got from my ballroom shoes :( Everyone told me that it just hurts to have ballroom shoes on, but when I took them off they were like, "WOOO!... Ew, sick!" ha ha ha It's gross... but I'll live I suppose.

It's on the back of my heel. I have one on each heel and some on the sides of my feet!